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March 25, 2007


Wesley Clay

This town misses you - but we see you have learned much young skywalker!

Re: Restaurants - I would suggest the Iron Turkey Burger at a quaint divey restaurant w/ Prague inspirations called Frankie's on Divisidero. I also mirror the recommendation for Limon in the Mission. The best burritos in the world are found in the Mission - the blue ribbon hails at Pancho Villa Taqueria (where Beck once made a stop by solo acoustic gig). I would recommend a day trek thru Crissy Field. Hikes outside the city I'd also recommend the Cataract Trail in the Marin Watershed. I'd take a drive up Hwy 1 just over the golden gate bridge to Stinson Beach - the most incredible 45 drive in the world bar nothing. (and drop into Muir Woods and the largest/oldest trees in the world). Come - spend a few weeks, you'll never leave... unless you get a 12 month assignment in Australia...


come back to san francisco. we are waiting!
you must add a section on wine country. there is nothing better than renting a limo or bus and spending the day with friends in wine country.
or you could go up with a friend or loved one for a weekend. spend the days at spa soaking up the sun or tasting wine. then dine at any of the fabulous restaurants in town.
top five wine country restaurants:
1) bouchon (best starting point)
2) oakville grocery store (not really a restaurant, but great for grabbing a sandwich on the go)
3) bistro don giovanni (good for anyone - i recommend the fig & artichoke pizza)
4) any restaurant by cindy pawlcyn (mustards, gofish, cindy's backsteet...who can choose)
5) french laundry (for those with connections & money)

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